Welcome to Bakers Dozen Utah

The Utah Bakers Dozen started in 2000, when pastry chef Letty Flatt convinced a group of pastry chefs from Park City to join forces and donate their talents for Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation fundraiser. The Bakers Dozen desserts-only booth was an instant hit and helped raise thousands of dollars for Utah hunger programs. The Taste of the Nation tradition continues and The Utah Bakers Dozen’s booth is still the most popular one at the annual event.

For almost ten years before, at the invitation of Marion Cunningham, co-founder of the original Bakers Dozen, Letty regularly flew to the Bay Area to attend Bakers Dozen meetings, always returning inspired to start a Bakers Dozen in Utah. Share Our Strength was the catalyst for the Utah group, which began to meet for networking, educational demonstrations and field trips in 2002 when pastry chef Kurtis Baguley, a member of the San Francisco Bakers Dozen, moved to Salt Lake City. Kurtis teamed up with Letty and local restaurateur Angel Skedros Manfredini to organize an official Bakers Dozen meeting. The inaugural meeting at Salt Lake City’s Grand America Hotel was another instant hit, with over 100 attendees. Nick Malgieri keynoted and spoke about the informal and low-key concept of The Bakers Dozen and his experiences with Bakers Dozen East, and Paul Albright from Guittard Chocolate presented chocolate and its origins, and led a hands-on, mouth-open chocolate tasting.

Utah Bakers Dozen’s goal is to “raise the bar for the baking and pastry industry in Utah by strengthening and bringing awareness to our craft. The unique challenge of baking at high altitude is something Utah Bakers Dozen members share: the mean elevation of Utah is 6300 feet, with Salt Lake City at about 4500 feet and Park City at 7200 feet above sea level.