Welcome to Bakers Dozen East

After The Bakers Dozen started in California, bakers in other parts of the country heard about its great programs and interest grew in starting something similar on the East Coast. In October 1992, Washington, DC pastry chef Ann Amernick and Penelope Pate Greene brought a group of bakers together at New York's Royalton Hotel. These bakers became the founding members and included Ellen Baumwoll, Peggy Cullen, Dorie Greenspan, Jean Kahn, Joanne Killeen, Cheryl Kleinman, Melissa de Mayo Nick Malgieri, Colette Peters, Madge Rosenberg , the late Richard Sax, Amy Scherber, and Carole Walter. Like the West Coast group, The Bakers Dozen East is a low-key organization with no board, no officers, no committees and no newsletter.

The Bakers Dozen East is not restricted to professionals but open to anyone who is passionate about baking or who just wants the courage to start. Dues are nominal and cover the cost of a membership list. There is a small charge for each program and, at year’s end, surplus funds are donated to charity.

Bakers Dozen East meets several times a year. One popular event repeated annually is “Secrets of the Cake Decorators,” featuring demonstrations by five or more top cake decorators, with each person finishing one tier of a large cake in his or her unique style. After the tiers are stacked, the cake is often photographed by a bridal magazine.

For more information, please contact Bakers Dozen East at bakersdozeneast@yahoo.com