Welcome to The Bakers Dozen

The Bakers Dozen is a group that's passionate about baking. Members include professionals, home bakers, and just about anyone who loves baking or wants to get started. The Bakers Dozen shares its collective knowledge and experience through educational and networking events. It is also committed to sharing the money realized from membership fees and payments for attending seminars with food-related and other charities.

The Bakers Dozen was founded in California in 1989 by the late cookbook author and teacher Marion Cunningham and former bakery owner, the late Amy Pressman. Whenever Marion traveled to Southern California, where Amy's bakery was, the two would spend hours discussing various baking ideas, problems, and techniques. Eventually they decided that if they learned so much about baking from their casual meetings, other bakers would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the pleasures and mysteries of baking, too. Several months later, the first meeting took place in San Francisco and The Bakers Dozen officially came into being.

Along with Marion and Amy, Flo Braker has been a driving force behind the Bakers Dozen since its inception. Although she no longer serves as president, she is the guiding spirit behind the original San Francisco group.

Now there are Bakers Dozen groups in San Francisco, New York City and Salt Lake City. To learn more about each group, click on the group nearest you.

Marion Cunningham, Flo Braker and Amy Pressman photos